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by Akumako
25 Jun 2011 09:32
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Topic: What will be your "promise" when the server comes back?
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Re: What will be your "promise" when the server comes back?

Horrifier wrote:I promise to get out of my PvE nerd phase and go back to PvP :D
quoted for possible later (ab)uses
by Akumako
30 Mar 2011 17:30
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Topic: Corpse explosion - part #2
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Re: Corpse explosion - part #2

Cool, figured this argument will get to a point where people will start lying to justify their cause. There's no soul link active on you in that screenshot. And I'd like to see a screen from your '2k max' damage on Abyssal. Here's mine what I just did literally minutes ago. http://img690.imageshack....
by Akumako
08 Nov 2010 00:43
Forum: Raid & Dungeons
Topic: Icecrown Citadel - Progress
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Re: Icecrown Citadel - Progress

Good news everyone! Shadow of Dusk has perfected a raid that'll destroy all un-life in ICC!

Putricide tomorrow... can't wait!