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by Heihachi
04 Sep 2011 19:20
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: [Help] Identify Addons
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Re: [Help] Identify Addons

kinda looks like pitbull frames to me but i might be wrong
by Heihachi
04 Sep 2011 02:07
Forum: Resolved
Topic: ScamWOW impersonating a GM
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Re: ScamWOW impersonating a GM

someone scammed my brothers account lol too bad the guy didnt know who he was messing with xD got his account back :)
by Heihachi
04 Sep 2011 02:00
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Disconnections
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Re: Disconnections

for a complete ip fluch u can do
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /dnsflush
ipconfig /renew
i have that in a batch file when there are any problems on my moms computer as it loses internet sometimes it might help
by Heihachi
03 Sep 2011 23:39
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

thats my facebook you can go there add me as friend and whatever and see all the crazy stuff i od xD
by Heihachi
03 Sep 2011 04:20
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: Bugged quest checker
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Re: Bugged quest checker

if u still have the problem with the updating list.lua i can see if i can make something that will automate it but it will have to be in your startup folder and runs everytime u start ur pc. Just a thought thou
by Heihachi
23 Jul 2011 04:11
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Mac OS X Lion
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Re: Mac OS X Lion

@flexall that post made me happy to know that there are ppl using linux on this server :) it is actually really good to use as it can run faster then windows if configured right.
by Heihachi
26 Jun 2011 03:01
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Coding when bored xD
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Coding when bored xD

When I was bored when the server was down I went and was coding some things and found a sorucecode for a Launcher for WoW and played around with it for awhile. I got it all working and linked to truewow so if you want to try it or some of the other things im messing with feel free to and leave some ...
by Heihachi
24 Jun 2011 06:09
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Needing Urgent Help
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Re: Needing Urgent Help

wait physical access to the server you mean the server hosted at right how do they let him just walk on over there and let him do it o.O never had hosting that let me do that before. If this is the case I am going to get hosting here because that is really 100x better then SSH xD.
by Heihachi
24 Jun 2011 05:55
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Updates for server issues?
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Re: Updates for server issues?

@Kraith its empty atm thou
by Heihachi
24 Jun 2011 05:29
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Problem Logging In My Acoount
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Re: Problem Logging In My Acoount

my account got deleted too so we all have to wait and see what happens.
by Heihachi
16 Jun 2011 22:55
Forum: Shaman
Topic: Shaman Bugs
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Re: Shaman Bugs ... ath+Knight

but replace the Death+Knight to whatever class your searching
by Heihachi
16 Jun 2011 12:40
Forum: Shaman
Topic: Shaman Bugs
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Shaman Bugs

Here is a list of Bugs posted on TrinityCore's Page. If you know if they are bugs here or not post a comment and i will edit the post. I am aslo posting if it is open and will edit when they are fixed with a update Open #952 [Shaman] Earthshield: The 50% healing debuff should apply only once, not tw...