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by Dymond
07 Mar 2013 01:39
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: Battle of Hillsbrad Part 5
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Battle of Hillsbrad Part 5

Foreman Bonds thinks it necessary to spawn 100's of mobs to assist him. ... -hillsbrad
by Dymond
04 Mar 2013 13:20
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Security Measures.
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Re: Security Measures.

Hire a druid!
by Dymond
02 Mar 2013 20:20
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: Gorishi Grub
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Gorishi Grub The silithid meat meat does not drop.
to be able to complete the daily for
by Dymond
27 Feb 2013 12:29
Forum: Accepted
Topic: [Accepted] Spelling
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Re: Spelling

You have a good eye for spelling errors.
by Dymond
26 Feb 2013 04:25
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Open the server!
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Re: Open the server!

Server offline for unknown reasons
by Dymond
24 Feb 2013 12:27
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [Rejected] /lfg, /trading, and /chat?
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Re: /lfg, /trading, and /chat?

the Lookingforgroup channel is active now, no need to join lfg.
by Dymond
24 Feb 2013 12:24
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Made a In-game appearance!!
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Re: Made a In-game appearance!!

Welcome Back!