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by Heihachi
27 Feb 2016 09:05
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: [Addon] [BuddyChecker] Auto share & debug accepted quests
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Re: [Addon] [BuddyChecker] Auto share & debug accepted quest

Glad to see the qc command getting alot of usage!
by Heihachi
21 Feb 2016 23:21
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Peithne AMA
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Re: Peithne AMA

Its been a while peith! My brother (Vincent i believe was his characters name) asks about you from time to time. How have been things? I believe i have you on steam as well but cant remember if that is really you or not.
by Heihachi
11 Feb 2016 05:11
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Game: Why do you like the person above?
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Re: Game: Why do you like the person above?

Has a z in his name lol and has good taste in people with good taste in music
by Heihachi
10 Feb 2016 18:28
Forum: Resolved
Topic: True WoW on linux
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Re: True WoW on linux

Playonlinux is one but it uses wine and has settings for certain games
by Heihachi
30 Jan 2016 20:23
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Count To A Million
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Re: Count To A Million

Believe it's been a couple thousand since my last count

by Heihachi
05 Jan 2016 04:34
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Alter RaF inviting
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Re: Alter RaF inviting

This could be done as an extra thing if needed but this makes making additional accounts to get the RaF items a little faster. Will wait for more input from staff and see what other players think as well.
by Heihachi
06 Nov 2015 10:02
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Help with recruit a friend
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Re: Help with recruit a friend

If you sent a request to their email if they use that it will link automatically if not send me a PM and i can take care of it.
by Heihachi
25 Jul 2015 07:16
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: Refer A Friend
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Re: Refer A Friend

Recruit 3 people and help all 3 get to 70 and you will get all 3 rewards.
by Heihachi
23 Jun 2015 21:22
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: Mispelling in Armory
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Re: Mispelling in Armory

shaun03 wrote:What bothers me more is the "Armory" instead of "Armoury".
Nuko posted about this.
by Heihachi
21 Jun 2015 20:19
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Topic: Remake
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Re: Remake

4º copy? omg i only played PS one version. PS 2 Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus (i did not like it) and played PS one version for PC (emulated version or as goggle call: "PC version") <- this one i played allot of times since i no longer have the PS one. xD PSX Version, PC Version, PS2 Dirge of...
by Heihachi
21 Jun 2015 19:22
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Remake
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Re: Remake

just send me 1000 euros so I can actually play stuff here in work town >.< I love how the one other person I know on this server (and personally) that spends tons of money on computer stuff is in that first screenshot. Also This will be ...
by Heihachi
02 Jun 2015 02:29
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Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

I think its been a while since I posted a picture.
by Heihachi
31 May 2015 21:05
Forum: Resolved
Topic: help with downloading pls
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Re: help with downloading pls

Don't login with a email as it will try to update if you do. Use your user name.
by Heihachi
29 May 2015 18:22
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Trigger Warning: Check Your Privilege
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Re: Trigger Warning: Check Your Privilege

Your privilege level is Advantaged with a score of 10

well then
by Heihachi
27 May 2015 12:12
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: Updates
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Re: Updates

:D Nyeriah you should share this with so I use it for a certain thing!