Option to opt-out of rested XP

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Re: Option to opt-out of rested XP

#16 » Post by Meopala » 05 Mar 2021 21:14

Axis wrote:
05 Mar 2021 13:35
Other than personal and psychological/placebo reasons for this suggestion, I don't see any actual justification for this suggestion.
Practically speaking, what is accomplished with this?
You could just avoid going to any town/city/Inn to avoid the rested XP flag and minimize its effect that way without actually requiring a server-side modification for it.
The difference built up upon the next login is hardly noticeable - barely negligible at most.
You can also just submit a ticket and ask a GM to disable the flag for your character.
Hmm. I will admit, practically speaking, very little is accomplished with this. Rejecting this suggestion on those grounds would be entirely fair in my opinion.

Speaking for myself here, one reason I'd like to be able to disable rested XP is to be able to further increase the difficulty of an Ironman challenge playthrough. Just like how someone who might not be content with just doing Ironman might opt for doing Bloodthirsty Ironman, someone (me, in this case) who isn't content with doing just Bloodthirsty Ironman might want to add on additional restrictions or challenges.

Your point about the difference built up upon the next login being hardly noticable if you don't log out in an inn is very fair. However there is one scenario I can think of in which it might not be quite so negligible: If you play with 0.5x XP rate. Since rested XP accumulates at a % basis, in a way, playing with 0.5x XP rate effectively doubles your rested XP gain, at least from the perspective of how long it takes to use it all up. Though, to be fair, I suppose doubling the rested XP you gain when logged out outside of an inn would still be a very low rested XP gain overall.

I suppose I should mention what I'd actually like to use this feature for if it was implemented... I probably should have mentionted this earlier. I would like to attempt the Bloodthirsty Ironman challenge on an Undead Mage, while restricting myself in a whole bunch of ways: No rested, no equipment other than what you start with (including bags), no hearthstone, no teleport, no windrides, no mount, 0.5x XP rate, no quests at all, no talents, no First Aid, no health or mana potions... I had all this thought out before, I might be forgetting something. All of this while of course still adhering to the usual restrictions from doing Bloodthirsty Ironman.

If you think me wanting to do this does not warrant the implementation of a new feature, I absolutely understand. :D

Oh, I didn't know about being able to ask a GM to disable rested XP for you. I might use that then! Dymond mentioned they disabled the rested XP flag on my current character "Myopala" earlier in the thread. Unfortunately I ended up not playing the character for a good few days after they did so, and it turns out my character was inside an inn, so I ended up getting a full level of rested XP anyway. Oh well. Thanks anyway Dymond! ^^

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