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#1 » Post by Boxis » 24 Apr 2021 11:43

Hello everyone,

first and foremost, some of you know that this idea in general is taken from different servers, but honestly, if the specific idea is good, does it really matter where it is coming from ?

Anyway, the point of this idea is to implement SoloQue function in order to greatly increase the PvP activity on the server, and to give people even better chance to acquire their PvP gear this way.

My brief opinion about how the system could look like:
  • SoloQue should replace 5v5 ladder in your character arena teams tab.
  • After creating the "SoloQue team" it should automatically put your character name as your SoloQue team name.
  • SoloQue rankings could then be seen in TW armory when switching to 5v5 ladder view (it could be renamed to SoloQue ladder), if every team has character name as its team name, this way you basically see rank of each player.
  • When queueing for SoloQue it would then act as a separate 2v2 queue. In my opinion we dont have enough people to set it up as a 3v3 queue at this point.
  • Some restrictions would have to be programmed, for instance - to not let 2 healers to get matched together. I would go even further to not let 2 same classes to get inside together (ret pala+ holy pala, disc priest + shadow priest etc.). Additional restrictions are welcome but lets not make it too complicated, in case it will get accepted.
  • The new rating system, which was programmed like a year ago, should be applicable for soloque ladder as well, because it is good for people to get 1500 rating fast and to gear up quickly, even though it has its flaws (losing almost no rating to low mmr team, but insane rating to high mmr team = it should be reversed no ?).
  • Rewards to top players are up to discussion, I would not give them R1 titles from regular arenas, but maybe different ones or different rewards altogether.
  • SoloQue teams should not be matched against regular 2v2 teams, however, it is up to discussion as well.
  • When you reach specific ratings in SoloQue you get achievements like, if you reached the rating in 5v5 since it would be replacing it.
I am not sure, if there is currently some Open Source project for SoloQue that we can use or modify. I think way in the past someone from our team was also trying to work on it, no idea how it ended up like (I think it was Nyeriah ?).

Anyway, I would like to see more people to post their opinion about the possible addition of this feature.

Thank you.

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Re: SoloQue

#2 » Post by Siisz » 24 Apr 2021 16:52

I think it sounds like a good idea in over all. My biggest concern is that others will feel like it is how the BGs are going atm, due to the factor that nobody can control who is on your team. So you can even end up with weaker players all the time, and that will make a lot of people loose desire - the plus to that note is that a BG is much longer and more complicated than Arenas. But honestly, I don't know if it would make a difference or so simply because of the above mention view.
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Re: SoloQue

#3 » Post by akshay.singh01 » 25 Apr 2021 21:28

Big +1 to the suggestion.

It might not seem apparent but there are actually a lot of lowbies who keep popping up in bgs and to their dismay, get rofl-stomped by full geared folks and are then never seen again. Point is, there ARE people interested in PvP but they just need the support to help gear up. The changes done in the past for PvP were a good start, they should definitely NOT be the end, and this list of suggestions seems like a good place to take that work forward.

I was actually not aware of this being implemented in other servers - perhaps there's work there that can be, ehm, used as inspiration?

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Re: SoloQue

#4 » Post by nikkal » 27 Apr 2021 17:17

this sounds interesting, could bring more life into pvp community, so +1 ^^

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Re: SoloQue

#5 » Post by tudorhd1 » 27 Apr 2021 19:27

Actually something that Truewow need and I'm pretty sure the server population will start to grow. Big +1

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