Wotlk pre-patch event as a regular event

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Wotlk pre-patch event as a regular event

#1 » Post by Rascall » 25 Jul 2021 11:09

Similarly, as with regular pvp events, it could maybe help to add regular pve scenarios such as the wotlk pre patch event where players try to defend Stormwind and Orgrimmar from invading Scourge zombies. There are plenty of videos of this on youtube, e.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56HN5En5COA

Now, having it regularly scheduled as an open world pve scenario should not breach the blizzlike climate, even if on retail this event had happened only once before wotlk hit live servers (and it functioned briliantly to demonstrate the strength of the Scourge forces invading Azeroth, building the hype of LK)
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Re: Wotlk pre-patch event as a regular event

#2 » Post by Kniteknite » 26 Jul 2021 05:04

and the quests involved ~ sounds fun :D
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Re: Wotlk pre-patch event as a regular event

#3 » Post by srelectrox » 08 Oct 2021 14:39

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