PVP or PVE realm - revisited

Have a suggestion for TrueWoW?
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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#61 » Post by Ionz0r » 16 Jan 2022 12:46

PVE all the way baby!

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PVE realm

#62 » Post by moogletattoo » 16 Jan 2022 21:46

I vote for it being a PVE server. No one is stopping those whom wish for pvp from enabling themselves. Sure with a low population there is not much chance of an encounter, but I'd rather not have to think of it.

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#63 » Post by UnbornPhoenix » 16 Jan 2022 21:47

PvE please and thank you

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#64 » Post by rurusan » 16 Jan 2022 23:20

I vote PVE, I'm currently attempting an ironman challenge (just started), and that would effectively be halted before I could even really begin. :/

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#65 » Post by ellmno » 18 Jan 2022 04:34

PVE please

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#66 » Post by Imagine » 18 Jan 2022 05:17


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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#67 » Post by VonKaufmann » 19 Jan 2022 20:05


It's the main reason i play on TrueWoW. There are no other good PvE WotLK servers out there.

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#68 » Post by Cain » 19 Jan 2022 21:32

My vote goes for PVP realm.

I like the risk when playing in contested zones you may occur members of other faction and fight with them, aswell I support other PVP world activities like capturing towers in Outland etc.
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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#69 » Post by P03_M4N » 20 Jan 2022 02:34

I'll be playing either way. That said it'd be nice if we could opt into PVP if we liked. That said, assuming an opt in system is an impossibility I'm okay with the realm maintaining it's status as PvE realm as I find it cultivates a more friendly atmosphere

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#70 » Post by Joh0239 » 21 Jan 2022 19:28

Damn, imagine if everyone who have these opinions actually logged to participate in the community. I guess people who logs once a year still want server to be the way they prefer it for that one time they log.

It's an overwhelming support of keeping it PvE, and tbh PvP is but a shallow dream at this point. The majority of players who are active are PvE players, which have been shown here, and it's been PvE side of the server that have kept server alive. Since those who heavily favoured PvP left long ago. This change would just turn more players away than it would bring old ones back. And frankly, should we really try to cater to players who left long ago? There's been numerous attempts to spark activity into the PvP scene, but nothing really takes and I don't see how this change would be any different or beneficial. Quite the contrary in fact.

It's safe to keep it PvE to retain people who play here and a risk to see if we would be more attractive to more outside players, but the low rate of BG's and Arena would eventually drive people away. Personally I'd like the server to be PvP, that would be what I want, I miss it. But world PvP is way different with CF enabled and CF is an abomination but it's necessary, nothing we can change.

Server was PvP until like late 2020? (correct me if I'm wrong) Population on TW was about the same that it is now, even after PW merge and how much world PvP did we have? Zero. How often could you see another player in same zone as you? Rarely (can't say never) which got exponentially worse, depending on how low the level zone were. Enabling PvP wouldn't change anything. Which is really the argument from both sides, which just makes the matter of changing it pointless.

+1 of not changing anything. aka PvE

I really liked the idea of having topics reopened to have a new discussion about it, really good initiative which I hope can happen more in the future.
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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#71 » Post by anowen » 21 Jan 2022 19:35

Haven't played in the past 2 years too often, but for sure I'd visit my good-old, favorite server for some PvP action! We'd need more players, new players though..

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#72 » Post by paroliak » 22 Jan 2022 02:35


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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#73 » Post by Eli_William » 23 Jan 2022 10:09

PVE got my vote, I am an enthusiastic ironman contender, coupling that with PVP doesn't work al that well I imagine

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#74 » Post by Torgulf » 23 Jan 2022 11:09

Hello there!
I dont do PvP, so for me it would be best to stay PvE.

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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

#75 » Post by Lazydazy » 25 Jan 2022 04:02

I joined Primal for two reasons. I like WOTLK and it was PVE. I have enjoyed being able to play without being ganked, and my vote is: Please keep it that way! :)


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