Back to 3x Honor

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Back to 3x Honor

#1 » Post by yanksfan622 » 04 Jan 2023 16:22

Honor was set back to 1x as an attempt to have people pvp more but doesn't seem to have worked. And I never understood how doing this would make anyone pvp since you're reducing the rewards and making it even harder for newcomers to get gear. I suggest putting the honor gained back to 3x. This would help both pvers and pvpers since honor lets us buy gems, gear, shoulder enchants, etc.

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Re: Back to 3x Honor

#2 » Post by Roel » 04 Jan 2023 17:08

All honor gained in battlegrounds is still 3x. What got changed to 1x was for Stone Keeper Shards which allow getting honor from dungeons.

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