TBC Heroic Dungeons

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TBC Heroic Dungeons

#1 » Post by KING55 » 19 May 2023 01:47


I was wandering is there a possibility to remove 1 day reset time for tbc heroic dungeons, like it has been done with wotlk heroic dungeons?

Reasons why do I think this is good idea:

1) It's already done with wotlk heroic dungeons, and everybody liked it. (:
2) TBC (heroic) dungeons are not that much visited on wotlk server, so this would probably make more people want visit them (usually for farming)
3) Loot from tbc heroic dungeons would mostly be used for transmog and getting mounts / pets, which doesn't give any gear advantage against other players (because level 80 is maximum level here). It can only make them looking better and having cooler mounts / pets. :D

Looking forward to your answer and hope for positive one.

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