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Hall of Fame

#1 » Post by srelectrox » 16 Sep 2023 15:26

What if, we honor this server community and history, creating a place in the world, where we could add a statue (a copy of the player character with the same weapons and gear and race) and the name and guild for example, to the player with most achievments, the player with most quests completed, the player with more pvp kills, the team with more arena points etc. some honorable mentions for some specific happenings that someone might remember like some really incredible feats of strenght someone has made.

I think would be a great way to honor those who played hard to reach it and prehaps stimulate others to get there.

ps, i know the site has the ladders, but.. its just a line of text.. its not the same :P

(No, its not for me, i didnt excel in nothing in this game :D )
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