[PW] Best mechanics

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[PW] Best mechanics

#1 » Post by Wejden » 03 Jun 2016 19:44

Hello all, I just want to know which class/spec is the most interesting / fun to play on PrimalWoW ? I'm more into dps but tanking could be an option. I don't care if I'm not always at the top on recount, I just want to play a spec that does not consist in spamming juste one spell, but various ones with cool mechanics.

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Re: [PW] Best mechanics

#2 » Post by Fitzpatrick » 03 Jun 2016 23:00

The only spec that really plays that way (just spam one spell) that I can think of is a Frost Mage on a single target fight. Remember this is a WotLK client, not 1.12.
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