[TW] Feral Tank Professions?

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[TW] Feral Tank Professions?

#1 » Post by FrostyVirus » 22 Oct 2021 18:46

I am leveling a fresh feral druid and I intend to bear tank with it. However, I'm not quite sure of which professions to pick and level. Currently leveraging options between Leatherworking/Blacksmithing and Skinning/Mining. I've also considered Alchemy/Herbalism due to the teeny tiny boost of the tauren racial but I'd like some guidance on the matter.

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Re: [TW] Feral Tank Professions?

#2 » Post by Relina » 22 Oct 2021 20:14

Profession bonuses are fairly minor and you don't always need to go for the recommended profession bonuses listed below.

  • Jewelcrafting - 3 Solid Dragon's Eyes - 63 Stam (1027 Hit points with Kings)
  • Leatherworking - Fur Lining - 62 Stam (1011 HP with Kings)
  • Enchanting - 2x Ring Enchants - 60 Stam (978 HP with Kings)
  • Mining - Toughness - 60 Stam (978 HP with Kings)
  • Blacksmithing - 2 Sockets - 60 Stam (978 HP with Kings)
  • Engineering - Reticulated Armor Webbing 885 Armor to gloves which is roughly worth 60 Stam of EHP
  • Alchemy - Mixology - +650 HP (Flask of Stoneblood 1300HP -> 1950HP = +650HP) Flasks last 1 hour longer.
  • Tailoring - Swordguard Embroidery - Cloak enchant - Chance to proc 400 AP for 15 seconds.
  • Skinning - Master of Anatomy - 40 Crit strike rating
  • Inscription - Master's Inscription of the Pinnacle - 40 Dodge rating (0.864% Dodge Chance)
  • Herbalism - Lifeblood - Heals 3600 HP over 5 seconds

If you're not interested in Min-Maxing your Stamina/Armor gains, a few popular profession combinations would be:
  • Skinning + Leatherworking; Skin your own leather, and craft your own gear.
  • Herbalism + Alchemy; Druids can use herbalism without leaving flight form. Collect your own herbs, and craft your own consumables.
  • Herbalism + Mining; Maximize on gathering professions, very easy to make gold.
Or if you're focused on Min-Maxing your Stats, the best Stat-gaining professions are:
  • Jewelcrafting + Leatherworking; Highest Stamina increase.
  • Jewelcrafting + Engineering; Stamina + Armor Increase.
Also while Taurens gain a bonus to Herbalism, its only really useful while leveling up the profession since it will let you pick higher quality herbs slightly earlier than usual, while Engineering provides access to an Auctioneer without needing to leave Dalaran.
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