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#1 » Post by mungos » 27 Jun 2023 09:48

Greeting :shock:
I'm reporting here because I'm seeing irregularities in voting again, which have started to appear recently. Every day I vote like the others and every day I see some have 40 points or 20 more than me, who vote every day??? : To clarify right away, I don't care about 2,000 gold or 3,000 gold, but the principle is important. I've been voting for years, that is, it was introduced like the others. So please get rid of these things because as an older player in life and on the server, these things really annoy me when someone makes a fool of me and other honest people who have loved this server for years. Thank you and I hope you understood the essence of this letter. :( :o :shock:

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Re: Voiting

#2 » Post by Dymond » 27 Jun 2023 12:43

You must have missed a day, I vote every day and at the moment you should have 540 points witch is 20x 27 days.
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