Shadow Labs.

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Shadow Labs.

#1 » Post by Wolfrunner » 01 Dec 2022 10:13

I have found a couple of bugs in the dungeon Shadow Labs. The first is that Murmur can sometimes get glitched to hit you and knock you down from the very beginning of the dungeon. Not worry too much about this glitch it has been around since BC when the dungeon first started. The other is concerning the Cabal Summoner's ability Summon Cabal Deathsworn. The Cabal Deathsworn sometimes gets the ability as well and once they do all other Deathsworn summoned after get it as well. Soon there are lots of the damn things and you die. After dying it usually fixes itself. Not always though. Sometimes the glitch expands and everything down the hallway toward Murmur have the ability and it takes a few deaths before it corrects itself.

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Re: Shadow Labs.

#2 » Post by Dymond » 01 Dec 2022 11:50

Please use our bugtracker to report this issue.
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