Club 9000

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Club 9000

#1 » Post by gollu » 28 Sep 2023 18:04

Hello i know TW is blizzlike, but have an idea for vendor, work name club 9000. Idea is make vendor where high geared skilled ppl but with lack amount of luck can buy BIS for EoF, entrance lvl 9k achi points. i think that idea incrase activiti on server, ppl starts making achis and weaker raids, events, pvp to get akces for club. Prizes for items can be real high for example:
HC marks for t 10 - 1k EoF
items 277 - 1.5k eof
items 284 - 2K eof
so thats my proposition , and im real courious what u think about it

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Re: Club 9000

#2 » Post by Slender » 28 Sep 2023 19:52

lmao even

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Re: Club 9000

#3 » Post by Dymond » 29 Sep 2023 01:18

Speaking for myself, this will never happen.
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Re: Club 9000

#4 » Post by Cherub » 01 Oct 2023 15:21

i don't see thins happening in near, or far, future.

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