Am I able to resurrect my very old account?

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Am I able to resurrect my very old account?

#1 » Post by KeyserSoze » 16 Feb 2024 22:43

Hello all,
Myself and a few others used to have a guild here many years ago IIRC (Last Disciples), but I have long since lost the login details for my characters (Juntao, KeyserSoze).
It's probably been a good 15yrs since the last login, wondering if there's any way someone related to the server can "Dust it off" so to speak lol
A long, and cheeky shot but any help is appreciated!

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Re: Am I able to resurrect my very old account?

#2 » Post by Dymond » 16 Feb 2024 23:30

I did find two old character by these names on two different accounts. If you know any other details or email. Feel free to PM me.
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