Spec Guide for Rogues

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Spec Guide for Rogues

#1 » Post by Floss » 25 Nov 2017 09:36

Please keep in mind that for something like PvP specs or Glyphs, there is no “right” answer, especially regarding PvP Specs. There is a lot in speccing that comes down to preference, but hopefully these can serve as a general guide to what you hope to achieve.

You can take this as a general guide and reference to specs than can work. PvE Specs are listed after PvP Specs.

Evenom Preparation Mutilate

44 / 2 / 25

44 / 4 / 23

Glyph Options: Mutilate, Sprint, Vigor, Tricks of the Trade, Preparation, Cloak of Shadows

This is the most popular variation of the deadly poison arena spec which has become popular since the changes to master poisoner, and it has only gotten stronger since 3.3. For the most part this is the strongest arena spec for 3 v 3 at the moment. Deadly poison stacks very quickly with the improved poisons talent. This provides amazing wound dispel shielding, so abolish poison is a lot less of a counter. With this spec you now replace envenom with eviscerate, and the damage increase on plate and mail wearers will be very noticeable. It’s best to have a 1.4 speed offhand for this spec, and it’s very nice to also have a 1.8 speed offhand to swap to for rogue teams / openers if you intend to attack rogues, because this will provide much higher burst unless you get very lucky with deadly poison procs.

Talent Options - Alright, there are a ton of talent options here and there is no correct answer, it’s very situational. First I’ll talk about:

Heightened Senses and 2/5 dual wield vs. 4/5 dual wield: I see this as being a primary choice between increased damage and the ability to find stealth targets more easily. If your team is lacking on damage and you aren’t playing against many stealth teams, then 4/5 dual wield is probably the way to go. Also remember you will lose some rng survivability with 4 percent miss on spells and ranged from heightened senses. Both options can work, I’d say HS is more popular.

Imp Evis. vs Ruthlessness vs. Lethality: 3 points are free to go in any of these 3 talents. A lot of people pick up Imp eviscerate over ruthlessness or Lethality for situations when you want to do finishers but you don’t have enough deadly poison stacks. Generally Imp Evis is nice to have for swaps, it’s a good tool because without it you lose some burst for swaps. That being said, I think ruthlessness is a very underrated talent, because it allows for insane burst combos with 4 point finisher –> ruthlessness proc –> 1 mutilate gives you 4 cp –> 4 point finisher. The best potential of such combos at full energy can be huge. If one does choose to pick up imp. Evis, I personally would drop 3 in lethality over dropping 3 in ruthlessness. I also personally prefer the spec without imp. Evis because I think it’s far too situational in most cases to warrant the 3 point loss of lethality’s burst.

2/3 Deadened Nerves vs 2/3 Find Weakness: Your choice, damage vs. survivability. If you get focused a lot and die when that happens, you might want to go with deadened nerves. If you find your team is lacking a bit of damage on kill targets, go with find weakness. This choice depends a lot on the comp you are playing.

3/3 Initiative vs. 3/3 Serrated Blades vs. 3/3 Setup: I think initiative is the most popular choice here. It gives you a bit more punch off your opener and versatility when it comes to swapping. It’s nice to have. Your other main option here is serrated blades which is a raw damage increase, if your team doesn’t swap much it’s nice to have, and is of course better than initiative if you’re not landing openers. I’m listing setup here as well because it is an option, especially if you get focused by melee a lot, but it’s not a very popular one and is in my opinion the weakest of these choices.

Imp Ks: You can drop those points in find weakness or heightened senses and throw them here if you want, a good choice if your team does a lot of it’s burst during the kidney shot.

Classic Preparation Mutilate

4x / 5 /2x


Glyph Options: Mutilate (this is a must have), Vigor, Tricks of the Trade, Preparation, Cloak of Shadows, Eviscerate

This remains one of the most popular PvP rogue specs. Having both quick recovery and deadly brew, combined with some of the best burst over time and long term damage is what makes this spec great. In comparison to deadly poison mutilate, you would want to run double wound / double 1.8 here for most situations. These spec shines against clothies / rogues, and is my personal preference for most dueling scenarios.

Talent Options - The basis of this spec is assassination down to mutilate and subtlety down to preparation and dirty deeds. This leaves you with 2 spare talent points. I find focused attacks is essential to the strength of this spec, so we see a choice between filling out find weakness, going 2/3 find weakness and picking up 2/2 Heightened Sense, or putting 3/3 find weakness and putting this talent elsewhere. You could also put these points into deadened nerves if survivability is a problem. This comes down to preference. Also, you can choose to pick up ruthlessness, either by dropping HS, focused attack, even find weakness or deadened nerves.

Sub - later

I’m sure there are other competitive PvE options out there but for now I’ll focus on what I believe to be the top choices for maximum damage output.
Pve Mutilate

51 / 18 / 2

This is the highest rogue dps spec at the moment for single target raid dps.

Talent Options - The only choice here comes with the 2 points at in assassination in fleet footed. You can put these points in fleet footed because run speed cuts the down time when you have to move and are not attacking. You could get quick recovery if it’s an encounter where you’re going to take a lot of damage and need a lot of healing. This spec has its highest damage output with envenom spam, so you don’t need to rupture on a raid encounter, therefore bloodsplatter is not necessary. If you are speccing for 5 mans or 10 mans however, and you don’t have another party / raid member with bleeds, you may need to rupture to refresh hunger for blood occasionally, so it might be worth picking up blood splatter with these 2 points in that scenario. Ultimately it’s not a big choice and fleet footed is generally your best bet.

PvE Combat

20 / 51 / 0

This is the highest combat dps spec at the moment. It stacks up fairly well when compared against other classes, but at the same time falls well behind assassination. It may look wierd with 1/3 vile and 4/5 improved, but this spec is the one that comes out as best on spreadsheets.

Talent Options - The only thing that should be changed is the weapon spec, depending on your weapons obviously. You may also consider playing around with the poison talents, but like I said this is mathematically the highest dps spec for combat.

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Re: Spec Guide for Rogues

#2 » Post by loveable » 25 Nov 2017 10:14

Thx for guide , i would add something for an extra usefull spec
there is one addotional Combat spec , which doesnt require armor penoration , it is very very usefull for low gears , and it does heavy dmg with end game Assasian gears (none arp gears) , there are more choice for glyph up to player to use which ones
rotation for this spec is : Garrote > 1 gaiend combo to Slice and dice > spam Sinster strike x5 combo> Rupture >1 combo from fishing spell or do 1 sinster strike for 1 combo > slice and dice > spam Sinster strike x5 combo> Rupture --- then repeat (if ruptore is not about to end , keep doing sinter strike)
on this spec priotiy's are : Spell Hit 18% (check this on spell tab) > Expertise > Attack power as much as u can
u'll have alot agility and crit with assasian gears , so dont wory about them
why spell hit ? because u are dpsing with Dot's (Garrote - Ruptore > posions)
why not killing spre ? because we dont stack any armor penuration on this spec , so wont help u with dpsing , isntead , we use talent for deadly posion , so when ruptore is on , and uspaming sinster striker , more deadly will apply from ur offhand , so more instant posion will aplly from ur main hand

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