State of Elemental Shamans

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State of Elemental Shamans

#1 » Post by Trancer » 22 Jan 2018 17:35

Elemental Shaman DPS is coming in rather low compared to other casters of equal or lesser gear. I understand that it is likely not to be even with a Mage or Lock due to the utility provided by totems. However, spell power coefficients of LB (71.43%) is behind Frostbolt (81.43%) by 10% and Shadowbolt (85.71%) by 14%. All of which are comparable 2 second spells.

With Wrath talent trees in TBC content and removed glyphs we suffer from missing +4% LB damage glyph (Lvl 15) and 6% additional hit from talents.

I know my shaman is not well geared and that the hit cap is a big hindrance in my testing, so I would hope to get input from other elemental shaman players as well. I am aware that a damage buff has been mentioned for Elemental however I have not seen any actions towards this and would like to work on getting the data collected to help with this process. I raided retail TBC as an elemental shaman and I do not recall being at the bottom of the pack. While not top we were still competitive dps.

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Re: State of Elemental Shamans

#2 » Post by KohiiKaiju » 23 Jan 2018 01:04

Elemental Shaman have already received major buffs to mana costs to make them last (40% off LB and CL, iirc). Testing has shown that they will scale very well with gear, especially with haste, and so we have been hesitant to place a +% damage boost on LB as it may have to be removed later. Some staff have expressed interest in doing some sort of boost to elemental damage that scales indirectly with spell power or gear, but I haven't seen any further work on this as they have been busy with future raid content.

This may not sound like a great answer to you, but as far as I can tell, Elemental Shaman are viable and highly desireable in raids regardless of slightly lower personal DPS. Totem of Wrath is a very strong buff to casters and healers. Best of luck!

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