Stones vs oils?

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Stones vs oils?

#1 » Post by fernaxv » 06 Jul 2017 18:16

So..i've been comparing spellstone, firestone, brillant and superior wizard oils, and twice i get the dmg is higher with stones than oils (actually i named them in dps order).
I've testd in god mode ptr, with items i wear in PW, no raid buffs vs steady dummys, vs aran mobility and vs uvuros fears, being this last one the only time brillant go over spellstone (maybe cuz is the shorter fight?)
Can anyone tell me if my tests are correct? Ve anyone else already try? Im no teorycrafter so i may ve missed many things.

And plz before quoting "locks use oils in tbc" remeber this is wotlk and check what spell/firestone do in tbc :?

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