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#1 » Post by Fastor » 03 Feb 2017 14:21

Ok someone finally started cleaning forum which is nice but l think these three topics should never be deleted even if no one is actually using them. At least as respect to these people. ... 15&t=35276 ... 15&t=15280

And for fun.

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Re: Return from archives

#2 » Post by Eronox » 03 Feb 2017 14:38

Yes there's a few threads I did not want to archive so I just kept them laying although they filled the criteria of archive. However, the case can surely be that another staff candidate doesn't share the same thoughts as me and follows the critierias up to a bold state. Whereas some, indeed outdated, threads may float into the archive but still would lay in the communitys interest.

The goal is to clean up the section for a more user-friendly browsing, to kill the dead threads for real and avoid necroing in terms of out-dated information.

I did indeed move the R.I.P threads since it's date of last reply & topic start. The third one, the best pvp players, hasn't been used since last May. Also the last two pages contains nothing but troll and close to insulting points. I was however thinking about whether to move it or not for a long, long, time.

Edit: Also, after certain insight from a certain mentor, I wish to add the fact that even though I respect the mourning and it's saddening, I wish to remind you that the threads are not moved away from the public in anyway. They're still there, visible for everyone.

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