How to Submit Bug Reports

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How to Submit Bug Reports

#1 » Post by IronSharona » 04 Jan 2014 23:31

How to Submit Bug Reports

1. Determine who the bug affects.
Bugs affecting individuals or groups but not everyone should be reported by making a ticket in-game.
Bugs that aren't specific to you should be reported on the Bug Tracker.

2. Ensure you have an account on our Bug Tracker, Mantis.
If you already have an account, great! Log into this account and move on to the next step. If not, head to the Account Manager and check out the bottom box on the lefthand side.

3. Search to see if a report already exists for the bug.
If it does, please leave a comment/feedback on the existing report, even if just to confirm the bug is still present. If it does not, please create a new report.

4. Fill out your bug report.
Most fields are self-explanatory. The most important to fill out properly are Summary, Description, and Realm. Summary will be the name of the report, so try to keep it short, but specific to help developers filter through reports. The description should contain any information you've discovered about this bug such as what occurs (or doesn't occur, in many cases), what items/locations/NPCs it affects, and if you can determine a specific cause. The realm should be selected as PrimalWoW if it affects progression-specific content, TrueWoW if it affects content unreleased on PrimalWoW, and both if it is released on both fully.

5. Optional: Check back in on your report!
You can revisit your old reports either by filtering on reports with you as the reporter, or by selecting the monitor option on a report. We try to respond to bug reports as quickly as possible, but sometimes the needs of PrimalWoW progression development puts most other bugs on hold. Also, certain TrinityCore changes may bug/fix content unexpectedly, and any problems with code we didn't custom develop will be more difficult to locate. We do aim to get things in the best shape possible, so keep up the good work and thank you for reporting bugs! Consider joining the Tester Team if you are enjoying your experience and want some extra incentives to submit more bug reports or fixes.

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Re: How to use Bugtracker

#2 » Post by Nyeriah » 04 Mar 2016 06:36

I have added a new field to the Bug Tracker reports: "Realm", which has three possible options: "TrueWoW", "PrimalWoW" and "Both"

  • If you're a TrueWoW player, tick TrueWoW.
    If you're a PrimalWoW player, tick PrimalWoW.
    If you're absolutely sure the issue is pertinent to both realms, then tick Both.

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Re: How to use Bugtracker

#3 » Post by Errorista » 03 Aug 2016 14:30

just a small note:

Many players are confused that their report suddenly "disappeared".

It is because your report was closed and your default filter will hide all closed reports so you cannot see them anymore. This default setting is quite unfortunate but there is easy way how to change it.

How to see closed reports:

1) click "View Issues"
2) in second row, second column you will see "Hide Status:"
3) change Hide Status to "[none]"

Hope it helps.


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