Of Win-Trades and Self-Farming - Is it worth it?

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Of Win-Trades and Self-Farming - Is it worth it?

#1 » Post by Nyeriah » 30 Jan 2015 05:26

Dearest community,

As time passes by, we seem to come across cases of arena win-trading and griefing. We are aware that it's an issue that almost every server goes through, and, we are striving to keep our arena season as clean as possible from such corruption.

So, what exactly are we talking about?

We've seen lately players queueing with their alts to fight themselves in arenas and farm rating on specific characters. Some of them have even quadribox queued to farm rating. So, they play whichever side they wish to feed while leaving the other clients idle. Sometimes, they don't even join the arena with some of the characters. These malicious acts usually take place at times the queue's activity is low, from 3 to 5am.

Not as often as self-farming, we come across cases of win-trades (players arranging among themselves how many times X team will lose in order for Y team to achieve something). Win-trades compromise the arena ladder and thus will also not be tolerated. This however is something that has been in the rules for a very, very long while.

It's understandable that at times the spirit of competition might take us over and we'd just wish we could reach a high rank in a ladder or wear something fancy but it however does not excuse attempts of cheating the contest.

We are here to promote the fair-play necessary to make it enjoyable to everyone, assuring a clean season. I believe most people that attempt to cheat either by trying to farm themselves or win-trading believe they aren't ever going to be caught. And - big surprise - most of them get caught in the first time they do so.

We've got advanced systems of logs that throw us several flags whenever suspicious activity is on field, so eventually if you try to cheat around us you're most certainly not going to get away with it...

All that it takes is someone to go through the logs that 99.9% of the time tell it clearly when teams are involved in violations - and we do so very often.

But, what happens if I'm caught violating the arena rules?
Since we can't tell how far have you been abusing, and what exactly have you done with the things you have earned all and every gear that can possibly be obtained through arena will be removed. Additionally, the teams will be deleted, the involved character's personal rating will be reset and the arena points removed. As with any other violation, the accounts involved will also receive a suspension (how long the suspension will last depends on the historic of violations).

Soooo, imagine you've worked so hard on building up your character... to then decide to try out "shortcuts" or "easier ways" to climb up... just to get caught in the first violation and be shot down and forced to start all over. That sounds quite bad, doesn't it?

Back to the main question, is win-trading and self-farming worth it?

Guess it's up to you to tell...



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