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Public Testing Realm

#1 » Post by Nyeriah » 04 Feb 2015 04:01

Aiming a better integration with our community, we decided to allow players to log in at the public testing realm at any times rather than limiting it to a couple of hours at weekends.

With this, players can try out their favorite classes and check out content while providing us feedback on the issues they may find.

There were other several changes to our Public Testing Realm. At this first moment, we no longer have the gear vendors that were used before to ease things but we decided to give players limited commands to suppress that loss. A full list of commands available to players can be found here. These commands are about the same an "official tester" had back in the old order.

So at this point, anyone can be a tester. It is no longer required to submit applications to become a tester or obtain PTR access.

Veteran testers, the old "official testers", that are still, sort of, official, receive additional commands and access to the Testing Territory forum section. They're players that have proven to be beyond the expectations and thus get to work more directly with us. Anyone can achieve this milestone, through continuous support and willingness to help.

The Public Test Realm however has several disclaims, so let's get them all listed;

- There's absolutely no guarantee that the Public Testing Realm is stable and it can, may and will at times be restarted with or without previous warning.
- Content at the Public Test Realm is not guaranteed to match the live realm. There's no guarantee that things work the exact same way.
- We hold no responsibility over anything that happens to any character at the Public Testing Realm. No lost items, gear, talents, spells, characters...
- We do not read tickets at the Public Testing Realm. If you got an issue that needs special attention, go to our chat room or post in this section.

If there's anything you're missing, or anything you'd like to suggest (missing commands, features, or anything else) please open a thread at the suggestion section and we'll be looking over it.

Thank you for your attention,


- To be able to login to the Public Testing Realm you must have a level 80 character at our live server and have it enabled at the Account Manager.
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