How to Become a Tester

All things that player must know or can be of their use such as general information, policies, rules, FAQ, guides and instructions, various language translations.
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How to Become a Tester

#1 » Post by IronSharona » 07 Nov 2017 09:48

====== Join the Tester Team ======
= Send us a PM, play the game, report bugs, and done. =
======== Anyone can become a tester! ========


A tester is a member of the community who is willing to testing current and/or upcoming content, and report any discovered or reconfirmed issues to Mantis BugTracker. This can range from being a player who occasionally reports bugs in their free time, to someone staff asks to retest any issues that were recently patched, all the way up to someone who works side-by-side with developers to get content tuned perfectly. Testing can relate to any TrueWoW or PrimalWoW feature; from PvP reblancing to PvE instance releases to website or Discord amenities. No matter your area of interest, there is a place for you :)


Why bother joining the Tester team? The perks of course!
Perks include:
  • The Tester title on both the forums and our Discord.
  • Access to the Tester Territory forum section.
  • Access to the PTR Discord channel.
  • Previews of upcoming features and releases.
  • Participation in staff discussions regarding upcoming content or changes.


Raring to go? The only requirement is that you let us know you're ready to start! Send me us PM.

Too easy? Here's some additional info you can add to your message if you want us to know a bit more about you.
  • Your name
  • Your forum name
  • A brief bio
  • What content you enjoy most
  • General availability (time zone, days of the week, etc.)

The more we know about you, the more we can customize your experience! We can pair you with developers who frequently update the content you'd like to test. We can prioritize your time zone or most available day of the week when coordinating public testing events on the PTR. Or we could just assign you testing jobs related to content you love to experience again and again.


Not convinced you have what it takes? Worry not! The staff and I are happy to help you out and teach you about anything you don't understand yet. If you are a self-starter and just want to get going, see how comfortable you feel with the following and browse the forums or the internet for details on anything you don't feel you already know well:
  • Creating or updating reports in Mantis BugTracker
  • Wrath of the Lich King in-game mechanics + content (anything, including low-level content and features)
  • Communicating in English + working with a team
  • Creating + interacting with posts on the TrueWoW forums
  • Basic GM commands + using them on the PTR

That's about all, folks. I hope to hear from you soon!


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