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Re: Shadowmeld

#16 » Post by Angelheart » 10 Apr 2014 22:09

keez wrote:If AT is not a credible source when it comes to pvp stuff idk what is then.
Not to be a stickler, but PvP on AT is not entirely blizzlike. Good luck finding top PvE weapons in BGs and arena there. AT merely tries to balance PvP, but their custom attempts to create balance among the different classes is anything but blizzlike. On retail, quite a few players got carried by using top-end PvE gear in arena, especially warriors, DKs and, to a lesser extent, Paladins with their precious Shadowmourne. In contrast, you're not gonna find Shadowmourne on AT, and neither will you find top-end PvE-gear for prot paladins (at least that's what it was like when I last played there).

Long story short, AT tries to offer balanced PvP, not necessarily a blizzlike PvP experience.

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